by Seven Pranks

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released August 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Seven Pranks Dresden, Germany

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Track Name: Climates
"We are creators of loss,
Pictured next to reason
Where the sun shines long
And reality appears too late
Where we are is where we stay

Nothing but myself brings me ahead
My world is just a sadly unit set
And all the words I said
Coming back, coming back to me
And all the strength I had
Slowly disappears

Eyes, shaped by rawest minds
Gazing silent lights
Far more distant than
All of humans sanity
Than we wished to be

And if it's raining
There is always more fertile ground
And if it's hailing
All the doors are closed

Our breath as cold as ice
As we walk on torrid grounds
What never ends, never ends"
Track Name: Antagonist
"My dear, love,
What happened to your grace
A golden wrap peels off
Prosaic frames

Is it fear, love,
Or just on a separate space
But if you found the missing piece
Why don't you bring it back to me

Do you inflame the crowns
Until the winds fade away
And just the sun remains

Do you inflame the towns
Where I am is not to be
Not here and not today

I'm running blindfolded
Within the bounds of your presence

I'm running blindfolded
Through a cold and tired land

My life is still there on the way
Sometimes it get's into the hollow
Your voice is guiding me away
Too far to keep the past back in my mind"